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Avenida La Mañana

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Background:​ After recently purchasing a house in Joshua Tree, I’m renovating it and creating a rental experience for travelers, creatives, and those looking for adventure. Situated in the heart of the desert, Avenida La Mañana offers a unique, beautifully designed and decorated getaway enabling travelers to slow down, enjoy the moment, and enjoy the splendors of the Mojave.


Design Problem: The problem at the outset of the project was that this design could skew too trendy, too quickly. Therefore the goal became to develop a system that would entice travelers and visitors without alienating or excluding anyone- tourists or locals.


Design Process:​ I began by designing the logo in Illustrator. From there, I developed a few icons to fit into a kit of parts, which could be applicable to all expressions of this project. While designing, I thought about what I would want to see from a rental property. The stationary and OOH executions encapsulate the exciting possibilities of this design and set the tone for what you can expect when staying at the Avenida La Mañana House.


Design Solution: To keep things feeling simultaneously contemporary and classic, I chose to incorporate recognizable song lyrics into the mix.  In the OOH assets particularly, I aimed to create a sense of nostalgia by marrying the song lyrics, beautiful imagery, and iconography. The result is unique, appealing, and overall a compelling visual incentive to book a stay in Joshua Tree. 

Software: Illustrator, Indesign

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