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Descent Magazine


Background:​ Tasked with making a magazine about anything, I honed in on two of my favorite topics- Fashion and Film. Descent is a countdown themed magazine meant to showcase not only my interests but my inclination for unique color palettes, typography, and composition.  


Design Problem: When diving into this project, I was overwhelmed with the possibilities. What should it be about?  How can that topic be reinvigorated and revisited multiple times in future issues?  How do you keep the design and visual elements feeling fresh month after month?


Design Process: Once I landed on the topic of Fashion in Film, I got to work watching movies and researching. I tried to notice visual elements within each film that could help inform the personality of each spread. After consulting my notes, I made the difficult decision of which films to feature in the project. I let those films inspire the direction of each spread while maintaining visual consistencies throughout to tie the whole magazine together.  


Design Solution: ​Deciding to present the information in a countdown freed me from feeling like I had to get everything into this one issue. It allowed me to focus on one particular topic/theme and to get wheels turning toward what future issues could be about. This also helped me establish design elements that could anchor the content to the framework of the magazine and carve out space for playful, one-time-only elements applicable to this issue’s subject matter. 

Software: InDesign

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