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Logo Redesign: Rit Dye

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Background:​ For this assignment, we were asked to redesign an existing logo using Illustrator. I chose Rit Dye. I also designed a series of icons to accompany the aesthetic of the new logo. 

Design Problem: Rit is a brand that has been around since the early 1900s! They have always used the name of the company as their logo and have recently settled into an iteration of that feature a very strongly-serifed "R." I wanted to modernize their logo to match their newer, more minimal brand identity and figure out how to bring an icon into their logo as well. 


Design Process:​ I started this project with lots of research. I went down a rabbit hole of amazing print ads from decades past to understand how much the brand has evolved, what their voice is, and to visualize what their visual future could look like. From there, I sketched and iterated while refining my idea to fit seamlessly into their current brand identity with a respectful nod to their storied history. 


Design Solution: It was important for me to leverage an icon in my logo redesign. A droplet seemed to indicate nicely what the product was while being clean and graphic. Once I had the breakthrough that the droplet could be a stoke in the "R" it was off to the races. I dropped the "i" and the "t" and modernized the overall look by applying a thin stroke weight. I did keep things classic, however, by ensuring that there was still a serif on the "R." 

Software: Illustrator

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