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A collection of inspiration and musings

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One: Photo of a photo by Auke Bergsma (1981)


Two: Digital collages from "Corporate Solutions" by Chaz Wick (2020)

I cannot recommend playing around on his website enough

Three: Baggu's "Bart" print from their Simpsons collection. 

The colors! The placement! 


Four: How I think my brain looks by Enzo Mari (1953)

Five: Karoline Herr in my dream tights/shoe situation

Seinfeld Street Style was an early quarantine project born out of my love of a challenge — how to use pieces I owned to recreate the looks I was seeing in all the Seinfeld episodes I was binging 


One: "Ethel Merman without the talent." Season 1 | Episode 3


Two: "I happen to dress based on mood." Season 4 | Episode 1

Three: "That’s more you than you’ve ever been."  Season 2 | Episode 3


Four: "Hey, I’m doing the best I can!"Season 6  | Episode 19

Five: "What's the deal...?" Promo photo

Six: "She’s a menace to society!" Season 7 | Episode 12 

Have you ever met another Muriel?

Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 10.43.44

(From my recent research on

Muriel Cooper)

A look behind the logo: 

Website Logo.png
Logo Inspo.png

One: An excellent use of an exclamation mark 


Two: Can you tell green is my favorite color?

Three: What immediately came to mind when

I started developing my logo

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Testing, testing...

One: Susan Sontag sums it up nicely


Two: A visual representation of exactly how

I feel starting this blog! by Estefania Loret de Mola

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