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Cooper Black Booklet 

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Background: The objectives of this project were to learn type terminology, identify the structural aspects of type, and to gain layout skills such as the use of hierarchy, focal point, negative space, and impact. We were asked to indicate more than 20 anatomical features of our selected, serif typeface. I elaborated on the assignment by creating a booklet in which the type anatomy assignment could live. The intention was to design a beautiful and educational endorsement of Cooper Black.


Design Problem: Cooper Black is one of the most identifiable typefaces of the last century. You either love it, think it’s played out, or both. I aimed to elevate the typeface while simultaneously celebrating all the quirks that make it so notable and beloved.


Design Process: My approach was determined by my font choice. I knew that Cooper Black would lend itself well to a fun, eccentric design so I really let the characteristics of the typeface inspire me. The inflated shape of the characters reminded me of balloons, which led me to think of rainbows, a beautiful blue sky, and the rolling clouds that would inhabit it.


Design Solution: To combat the playfulness of the typeface, I included accompanying images that were a bit more fashion-forward and luxe in attitude. I kept the design as minimal as possible as to not compete with the hero elements and tried to ensure that the layout was intuitive, informative, and beautiful.

Software: InDesign

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