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Background:​ What began as the development of nine original letterforms in a typography class quickly evolved into an exploration of the alphabet using consistent strokes, shapes, and angles that work together as a set.


Design Problem: I knew I wanted to express my personality within a digital rendering of the alphabet. The big question throughout was how much of myself to bring to the table. While these letterforms are loosely based on my own handwriting, I wanted to ensure that all elements were uniform, tidy, and distinct.


Design Process:​ I started this project by sketching. I wrote the alphabet the

way I normally would and analyzed existing elements within my handwriting that

I wanted to elaborate on. From there, I scanned my sketches into Illustrator and began to refine the letterforms. Thinking about use-cases helped inform the direction I took.  What would these letterforms be used for? What tone would they set? Where would they be best utilized?


Design Solution: ​Ultimately, consistency ended up being key throughout the design process. While digitally refining my sketches, I identified elements that could be incorporated throughout the alphabet to strike the balance between personal and professional. The mixture of imperfect strokes and perfect circles/semicircles felt like the right mix to create something unique, yet approachable. This attention to detail and consistency kept the personality of the design and the intention of the exercise intact. 

Software: Illustrator

Letterform Postcards Front.jpg
Letterform Poster Example 1.jpg
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