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Fine Art Ad Campaign

WB Mockuo.jpg

Background:​ The goal of this project was to create a series of three different, but cohesive print advertisements combining an existing piece of artwork and a product of choice. The objective was to make the product appear as if it is a part of the original painting, in color, texture, and lighting. I chose to feature the work of Will Barnet in advertisements for Seiko.


Design Problem: After selecting Seiko as the brand I wanted to design for, the problem became how to marry their classic and simple design with three different pieces of art and still make it feel cohesive.


Design Process:​ As I was thinking about which artist I wanted to select, I knew I wanted to create something speaking to the passage of time (easier to sell a clock when talking about time). Drawing a blank, I serendipitously picked my head up from my computer and my gaze landed to a print on my wall by Will Barnet. I've always loved the image and decided to further research him. Upon doing so, I learned all about the Silent Seasons series — Four pieces with very similar composition, in which the subject in each piece sits by their window during a different season. I continued researching not only Will but Seiko to determine which product would match back to which pieces. 


Design Solution: Once I landed on the pieces I wanted to feature, I decided to reference fashion magazines to help inform the layout. I wanted the ads to feel captivating, aspirational, and like something you'd stumble upon when flipping through Vogue. In doing so, I landed on the Gucci The Ritual campaign in which Gucci had different artists and content creators provide photos that they placed into a consistent layout. The end result is a singular, cohesive campaign, with opportunities for individuality while working together very well as a set.  That became my north star.

Software: Photoshop

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