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Native Candy Shop 

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Background: For their Spring 2023 collection, Native was preparing to introduce a series of candy-inspired product offerings. I was tasked with helping develop the creative concept for the packaging which would help inform retail, photo/video, and site executions.


Design Problem: As we began to hone in on the idea of "clusters" of candy, I had to solve for legibility and maintain the clean packaging design Native is known for...while tapping into the fun and whimsy of the Candy Shop concept. 


Design Process: My approach was inspired by memories of visits to candy shops in which it seemed like there were clear plastic bins of candy as far as the eye could see. I loved the idea of incorporating "clusters" of candy onto the packaging to hearken back to those bins and highlight their unique shapes, textures, and colors. Incorporating images of each candy reference on the packaging would enable us to translate the idea of eye-catching candy in the candy shop to our retail displays...the products literally becoming eye candy! 


Design Solution: To ensure legibility, I kept the "clusters" small to act as a sort of framing device for the Native logo. Compositionally, I also had the candy overlapping as much as possible to make the "cluster" feel like a solid background color behind the logo. By keeping the "clusters" relatively uniform in shape and size, I was able to create cohesion across each scent's packaging. Given the playful nature of the fragrances (and to set this collection apart from evergreen Native packaging), we incorporated a youthful type treatment to the "Candy Shop" lockup. 

Software: Illustrator

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